With Gladstone360 you can deliver efficient front of house services with integrated friction free access controls and simple self-service appliances.  It is tablet optimised enabling your front of house team to offer the ultimate concierge approach to delight your visitors. Its modular suite of components allows you to tailor the user experience to your facility, personalising the way you engage with your customers.

In a world where the customer is king, ensure you have a friction free customer journey at every touch point for your centre. Whether customers are joining from home, booking classes on the commute, to knowing that the showers are out of soap instantly. We can help you reduce queues at busy times, make a forgotten wallet a thing of the past with cashless and loyalty payments in all consumer modules together with mobile top-up or self-serve kiosks. 

  • GDPR and PCI compliant
  • Ideal for Multi-sites, Trusts, Local Authorities and Universities
  • Integrated and picture access controls with RFID wristbands or facial recognition with API integration
  • Self-service kiosks and tap-tablet entry systems
  • Integrated Live Streaming and on-demand service to increase the capacity of classes and activities
  • Delivered in Gladstone cloud
  • Cashless - The cashless functionality allows customers to top up their account at home, on the move or in centre and call off funds in centre when and as they need them.
  • Loyalty - This feature allows operators to create loyalty programmes where members and customers receive loyalty points when buying products, services or activities in centre.  Customers can also use their loyalty points to pay for activities and sundries.
  • Booking for others - allows a member or non-member of a club to book activities for themselves and others at the same time.
  • GladstonePay - connect to a multitude of acquirers. A wallet allows members to store payment cards.  Supports both Direct Debit collection and recurring credit payments 
  • GoLearn - course management which enables operators to administer courses that require level management, ie swimming. Members can book courses online.
  • MobilePro - a native mobile app which provides operators with an additional marketing tool, as well as enabling customers to book classes, top up their account with cashless and pay with loyalty points from their mobile.
  • Communicate - a range of customer retention tools including NPS scoring. The perfect dashboard to understand the sentiment of customers.

Fast Start: On-boarding

We understand that moving LMS providers can be challenging and time consuming.  With the help of our dedicated professional services team, we’re able to on-board new customers and tailor installs to meet almost any request.

Rather than simply an off-the-shelf software vendor, Gladstone’s team include a comprehensive professional services department that provides wraparound customer care, from pre-sale exploratory scoping to post-sale support, ongoing training and more.

"Our professional services team is multifaceted to make sure your investment in the system is risk free: We’ve got project managers to make sure every aspect of delivery is as seamless as you’d expect; technical specialists on hand for complex integration requirements; training specialist to teach your team the ins and outs of how to get the most out of the system; and client relationship managers to show you new ways of engaging customers.  They all work in-sync to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Gladstone solutions."  - Sharon Denton, Professional Services Manager