Gladstone360 - Platform Overview

The latest release of the Gladstone360 Leisure Management System was code-named Threadneedle during its development.  The name has stuck with some of us as its an easy way differentiate previous releases.  It is built with security and compliance checks to aid operators with GDPR as well as being PCI compliant and supporting the OpenActive initiative.  Operators can choose to run Threadneedle in both an on-premise environment although we recommend the hosted environment which is located in a UK data centre and operated by on the UK's leading PaaS providers, RackSpace. 

Not all leisure management systems are the same, the Threadneedle platform release is ideal for Multi-sites, Trusts, Local Authorities and Universities who have complex requirements; our LMS is flexible, configurable, and expandable. With solutions for Front of House, with picture Access Controls and turnstiles with integrated RFID and/or Self-Service Kiosks as well as powerful Administration tools, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

The platform is expandable to offer add-on modules to increase customer retention, simplify complex course administration where level progression is required as well as Health Outcome management.  The integrated native mobile App provides operators with a marketing tool to deliver news and notifications as well as enabling customers to book classes, manage their membership and top up their account with cashless and loyalty points all from their mobile.


 functionality table


  • Core modules are generally included within a standard configuration
  • Add-on modules provide complementary functionality and enhanced capabilities to the core system.  
  • To enable 'Tablet' mode the 'Gladstone360 Front of House' module is required
  • Native 'Booking Sheets' functionality is not accessible from the Gladstone360 UI, however it can be accessed if the core database 'Plus2' is open
  • Best operated in a Hosted environment, although can run on-premise if required
  • Site licensing is a cost effective means to bundle a selection of add-on modules over a 3-5yr term, for one to an unlimited number of users - discuss with your sales consultant


New with Threadneedle

  • Cashless - The cashless functionality allows customers to top up their account at home, on the move or in centre and call off funds in centre when and as they need them.
  • Loyalty - This feature allows operators to create loyalty programmes where members and customers receive loyalty points when buying products, services or activities in centre.  Customers can also use their loyalty points to pay for activities and sundries.
  • Class Party Bookings - allows a member or non-member of a club to book activities for themselves and others at the same time.
  • GladstonePay - with a single integration, payment service providers can instantly connect to a multitude of acquirers, alternative payment methods and eCommerce connectors.
  • Open Data - is supported via the OpenActive initiative enabling operators to share and publish class and facility availability with PHE nationwide campaigns together with a variety of aggregators who are building products, tools and experiences for consumers. 

Amplify the power of your LMS

Additional solutions are available to expand the LMS capabilities, some are standalone tools, where as others have been further developed by Gladstone to directly integrate with the Gladstone LMS database. 

  • Learn2 - facilitates complex course management which enables operators to administer courses that require level management, ie swimming.
  • MobilePro - a native mobile app which provides operators with an additional marketing tool, as well as enabling customers to book classes, top up their account with cashless and pay with loyalty points from their mobile.
  • Communicate - a range of customer retention tools including NPS scoring. The perfect dashboard to understand the sentiment of customers.
  • Health - an outcome management solution which enables secure sharing of data between funders, referrers and participants for programmes such as  weight-loss and smoking cession.  

Fast Start: On-boarding

We understand that moving LMS providers can be challenging and time consuming.  With the help of our dedicated professional services team, we’re able to on-board new customers and tailor installs to meet almost any request.

Rather than simply an off-the-shelf software vendor, Gladstone’s team include a comprehensive professional services department that provides wraparound customer care, from pre-sale exploratory scoping to post-sale support, ongoing training and more. 

"Our professional services team is multifaceted to make sure your investment in the system is risk free: We’ve got project managers to make sure every aspect of delivery is as seamless as you’d expect; technical specialists on hand for complex integration requirements; training specialist to teach your team the ins and outs of how to get the most out of the system; and client relationship managers to show you new ways of engaging customers.  They all work in-sync to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Gladstone solutions."  - Lynne Reeves, Operations lead. 

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Get  Started

Contact one of our helpful and consultative sales representatives to learn more about the Gladstone Threadneedle release, or jump right in and book a demonstration.

If you haven't worked it out yet, we code-named this release 'Threadneedle' because of the focus on Cashless & Loyalty together with GladstonePay and improvements in security and reliability.  The bank of England is situated in Threadneedle Street, London.