Professional Services

Data Consultancy

Welcome to Gladstone Software's Professional Consultancy Group, where we transform your data into actionable insights, streamlining operations and enhancing your business efficiency. As an operations manager at leisure centre, you understand the importance of leveraging data to stay competitive and deliver exceptional service.

Our range of data services is designed to address your unique challenges and help you make informed decisions with ease.

Data Insights and Reporting

URC/PowerBI Consultancy and Gladstone Reporting Consultancy on the Sisense platform.

Data Management and Quality

Extracting Data, Ensuring Quality Control, and Implementing Mass Modifications.

Operational Efficiency and Communication

Automated communications and bespoke data integration and analysis.

Insights & Reporting Services

URC and PowerBI

Overwhelmed by Raw Data?

Our URC/PowerBI Consultancy empowers you to connect to your data and create insightful reports. Whether you're new to Power BI or an advanced user, we offer tailored support to meet your needs.

  • Deployed Dashboards: Get started quickly with pre-built dashboards covering Attendance, Bookings, Configuration, Contacts, Sales, and Subscriptions.
  • Beginner Support: Step-by-step training on Power BI and the Reporting Data Layer to build your first reports.
  • Advanced Support: For experienced users, we offer assistance with data modelling, advanced scripting, and setting up Power BI workspaces for team collaboration.
Consultancy for Gladstone Reporting

Generic Reports Falling Short?

Our consultants guide you through Gladstone Reporting with Sisense, ensuring you get the most from its comprehensive dashboards. We also create bespoke reports tailored to your specific requirements, simplifying complex data tasks.

  • Financial Data Reporting: Streamline reconciliation processes with customised reports.
  • Group Exercise Metrics: Quickly reference occupancy and attendance data for group classes.
  • Membership Reporting: Tailored reports with pre-defined filters for accurate member totals.
Reporting Dashboard

Social Value Report

Gladstone Software are proud to support the Moving Communities platform offering local authorities and businesses access to a bespoke dashboard within Gladstone Reporting.

  • This dashboard, created for Moving Communities, measures the impact of the £100m National Leisure Recovery Fund.
  • It provides insights into local activity participation, including attendance and bookings data, and includes training for maximum benefit. 

Data Services

Data Extracts

Need help insuring Data Accuracy and Compliance?

We provide customised data extracts in various formats (CSV, Excel, XML), allowing seamless integration with your existing systems.

  • Finance and Invoice Extracts: Automate financial data transfers to reduce manual intervention.
  • Member Information: Regularly update equipment manufacturers with user data for enhanced user experience.
  • Car Parking Information: Integrate vehicle registration details with parking systems for accurate member and non-member charging.
Class Attendance

Need to Boost Class Attendance?

Implement a strike system to encourage better booking management, sending automated emails and applying restrictions for repeated missed bookings.

Women in fitness class

Data Quality and Bulk Changes

Data Quality Checks

Need help insuring Data Accuracy and Compliance?

We conduct thorough data quality checks to identify anomalies and ensure your data meets GDPR standards, providing detailed reports and corrections.

Bulk Changes

Tired of Tedious Record Updates?

Our bulk insert service allows you to update numerous records simultaneously, perfect for new site acquisitions, subscription uploads, price changes, and more.

Automated Communications and Bespoke Services

Automated Communications

Struggling with Timely Member Communications?

Our automated communication services guarantee scheduled messages are sent at the right time, with segmentation and triggers for various scenarios such as new joiner notifications, debt confirmations, and booking reminders.

Bespoke Data Services

Need Expert Data Integration and Analysis?

Our team, comprising data scientists, engineers, and business intelligence analysts, collaborates with you to bring your data visions to life. We offer services such as data integration from multiple sources and advanced data analysis to uncover actionable insights.