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Is the Gladstone Customer Portal publicly accessible?

The Gladstone Customer Portal is a private and dedicated resource for active Gladstone LMS customers. Use the customer portal to log tickets with our support team as well as review self-service articles, join discussions with like minded peers and suggest product development ideas which can be voted by the Gladstone community.


Can I procure Gladstone through the government framework? (GCloud)

Yes, Gladstone is part of the GCloud 13 purchasing framework directly. 

We also work with our partner Bramble hub within the GCloud framework. 

Find out more here.


Bramble Hub PIC


What is the Gladstone Cloud?

Read more about the Gladstone Cloud

What is the latest version of Gladstone software?

GladstoneGo is the next generation of the Gladstone platform, released for consumer Book and Join. Coming soon GladstoneGo for Operator. GoLearn replaces Learn2 for courses together with Gladstone reports powered by Sisense.*

The last major release of the signature Gladstone platform was 2019, known as Threadneedle. The signature platform remains core to the Gladstone LMS, enhancements are focused on compatibility with the new Gladstone Go consumer tools. 

The previous version was the 2018 GDPR release; be aware that there are no further enhancements or bug fixes versions prior to the GDPR release. 

* To run GladstoneGo platform solutions customers must be in a cloud environment.

How do I raise Product Development Requests?

Visit the Products Enhancement page* to make suggestions to our road map.

Gladstone operates a Significant Interest Group (SIG) where product and industry insights are collaboratively discussed to influence future roadmap outcomes.

*While some of Gladstone's beloved consumer products like Connect, Join@Home, and Learn2 are no longer being enhanced with new features, they are still fully supported for bug fixes and security patches. However, our consumer facing development efforts are now concentrated on enhancing the Cloud SaaS products with the innovative Go platform.

What is DocuSign?

Gladstone utilises DocuSign to digitally sign contracts to make it easier for everyone to track and manage digital signature securely. Read about DocuSign (official website). 

Who are Gladstone's industry alliance partners?

ukactive strategic partner logo

89823 Community Leisure UK_BusPart_WhiteText-1

OpenActive logo transparent PNG-1

Gladstone supports the industry open data initiative, a new Gladstone API is in development to support operators using the GladstoneGo platform -  new requests to utilise the existing API against Gladstone Signature releases will be determined on a case by case basis.


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Articles and Guides


Digital Futures - ukactive white papers

Discover the insights from the Digital Futures 2023 3rd round consultation report. A remarkable 62 out of 102 surveys submitted were from Gladstone customers, surpassing the sector average by an impressive 5 points. Dive into the details and gain valuable knowledge. Read.

March 2023 - Successful Digital Partnering. Read.

Customer Portal: How to Guide

Download our guide to the Gladstone Customer Portal.

Gladstone Branding and Logos

A range of downloadable logos can be found here, if you cannot find what you are looking for email: Download a copy of our Brand Guidelines.

Gladstone Change Framework

Our Gladstone Change Framework details how we manage our projects and how you'll be kept in the loop throughout your journey with us. 

Gladstone Support Framework

Our Gladstone Support Framework details how we manage support tickets and how you'll be kept in the loop throughout your journey with us. 

Customer Charter

Customers have the right to know our level of service, even when we fall short of our high standards - watch.

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System Integration Partners


Update: Verifone PCI 3 Guidance and Discontinuance Notification

Verifone have extended the life of the VX range of devices through to 2026. Although these units can longer be purchased, support will be continued for those out in the field. 

Verifone Vx820 & Vx680 – P2PE extension.


Verifone have extended the service and support of these devices through to April 2026 with a renewed accreditation of the P2PE certification. This update supersedes the statement previously released stating an April 2023 end date. Verifone will now continue support for swap outs*, the P2PE accreditation, plus any critical security updates through to April 2026.

All Gladstone supplied PEDs use Verifone PAYware Ocius.

PCI PTS level 4 or above is still the recommended version. However, the PCI counsel has not issued a mandate/notice for removal of level 3 devices from service. As such, you can continue using these PEDs until such notice is given. We would suggest checking with your acquirer to investigate any potential restrictions they may have chosen to adopt with these level 3 devices.

Verifone are currently impacted by the global shortage of chip sets caused by the pandemic, which has had an impact on global supply availability of the level 5 PED solution. Gladstone are working with Verifone to forecast and secure stock, and as such we are also working on a new range of Level 6 + PEDS to deploy & integrate.

Please contact your account manager to discuss future PED requirements.

*Please note that this is dependent on availability of spare parts.

Review P2PE Bulletin-03 V1.00 (July 11, 2022)

Who are the data validation partners for the Gladstone LMS?

The Gladstone system works with GBG Group for data validation.

Loqate GBG - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding



What payment service partners does Gladstone work with?

Gladstone works with the following payment service partners, primarily CardStream and Verifone for PEDs.  

Cardstream® Logos - Cardstream® Cardstream     


Additional foreign gateway fees are applicable contact a member of the team to learn more.

worldpay pic less white space Brand guidelines | Capita    Civica (logo) *SF* · Nebula Consulting    File:PayPal logo.svg - Wikipedia



Marketing and Communications partners

dotmailer less white space
Gladstone is currently working with dotmailer to update the API capabilities with enhanced functionality, in meantime the API is unsupported for new customers.

To explore our extensive network of new and existing partners, be sure to check out the Marketplace section on this website.

What payment methods support Direct Debit and Card Payments in the Gladstone system?

GladstonePay is the official method to collect both Direct Debits and recurring Card Payments (sometime referred to as RCP).
GladstonePay logo

The Gladstone system also works with paygate for a number of payment services.

paygate logo


Which access control partners support Gladstone?

ASP Logo


To explore our extensive network of new and existing partners, be sure to check out the Marketplace section on this website.

What other partners does Gladstone work with?
As well as the partners that directly integrate with our core system for access controls and payments there is a whole marketplace of partners that offer a wide variety of other services and solutions for the Gladstone platform.
  • Find out about partner offers currently available now.
  • Join as a Gladstone Marketplace partner.
Is there a Technogym Adaptor available for Gladstone?

Yes, the Technogym Adaptor for the Cloud has replaced the multi-database Technogym Adaptor (no longer available).

The Cloud Adaptor is suitable for single database and Cloud customers. The Technogym Cloud Adaptor ensures that any members that buy a gym membership are immediately pushed into MyWellness and will receive an email to give them access to the MyWellness platform.

This forms part of a seamless onboarding process for new customers. As soon as the customer has access to MyWellness they can login and see their activity and access additional benefits. 

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Policies & Accessibility


Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Policy.

Quality Policy

Review the Quality Policy.

Terms of Sale

Download Terms of Sale (business)



Terms of Use

Review Terms of Use.

Modern Slavery

View or Download the Modern Slavery Statement. Appendix A.

View or Download the UK Supplier code of conduct. 

GladstoneGo Accessibility

Review the GladstoneGo (product) Accessibility Statement

Tax Policies

Constellation (Canada) Tax Strategy.  Jonas Software (part of Constellation software) 172 Statement.


View our Sustainability Board statement from Jonas.

Environmental Datacentres

Gladstone SaaS products utilise a Microsoft Azure datacentre. Gladstone has chosen the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as it can be up to 93 percent more energy efficient and up to 98 percent more carbon efficient than on-premises solutions. Learn more about the Sustainability of Microsoft Azure.

The Gladstone website is powered by AWS through HubSpot, a proud member of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct. HubSpot is dedicated to accelerating their climate commitment  with a 2040 Net-Zero Carbon Pledge. 

Gladstone places a strong emphasis on partnering with suppliers like HubSpot and Microsoft Azure, who share their commitment to environmental and sustainability practices.


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