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Is the Gladstone Customer Portal publicly accessible?

The Gladstone Customer Portal is a private and dedicated resource for active Gladstone LMS customers. Use the customer portal to log tickets with our support team as well as review self-service articles, join discussions with like minded peers and suggest product development ideas which can be voted by the Gladstone community.


What is the latest version of Gladstone software?

GladstoneGo is the next generation of the Gladstone platform, released for consumer Book and Join. Coming soon GladstoneGo for Operator. GoLearn replaces Learn2 for courses together with Gladstone reports powered by Sisense.*

The current version of the signature Gladstone platform was released in 2019, known as Threadneedle. 

The previous version was the 2018 GDPR release; be aware that there are no further enhancements or bug fixes versions prior to the GDPR release. 

* To run GladstoneGo platform solutions customers must be in a cloud environment.

How do I raise Product Development Requests?

Login into the Customer Portal and visit the 'Futures' discussion board, outline your idea for future development.

Using a open PDR discussion board allows all operators to up-vote on feature requests, in order that we can prioritise which enhancements will have the greatest impact across our customer base to focus our R&D effort where its needed most.

Gladstone operates a Significant Interest Group (SIG) where product and industry insights are collaboratively discussed to influence future roadmap outcomes.

What is DocuSign?

Gladstone utilises DocuSign to digitally sign contracts to make it easier for everyone to track and manage digital signature securely. Read about DocuSign (official website). 

What is the Gladstone Cloud?

Read more about the Gladstone Cloud

Can I procure Gladstone through the government framework? (GCloud)

Yes, Gladstone is on GCloud via partnership with Bramble Hub.  Application is in progress to be directly on GCloud 2H, 2022. 

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Who are Gladstone's industry alliance partners?

ukactive strategic partner logo

89823 Community Leisure UK_BusPart_WhiteText-1

OpenActive logo transparent PNG-1

Gladstone supports the industry open data initiative, a new Gladstone API is in development to support operators using the GladstoneGo platform -  new requests to utilise the existing API against Gladstone Signature releases will be determined on a case by case basis.


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Articles and Guides


Digital Futures - a ukactive white paper

A review of the digital maturity and digital effectiveness of the UK's fitness and leisure sector. Read.

Customer Portal: How to Guide

Download our guide to the Gladstone Customer Portal.

Gladstone Branding and Logos

A range of logos downloadable logos can be found here, if you cannot find what you are looking for email:

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Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Policy.

Quality Policy

Review the Quality Policy.

Terms of Sale

Download Terms of Sale (business)



Terms of Use

Review Terms of Use.

Modern Slavery

View or Download the Modern Slavery Statement. Appendix A.

GladstoneGo Accessibility

Review the GladstoneGo (product) Accessibility Statement

Tax Policies

Constellation (Canada) Tax Strategy.  Jonas Software (part of Constellation software) 172 Statement.

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System Integration Partners


Who are the data validation partners for the Gladstone LMS?

The Gladstone system works with GBG Group for data validation.

GBG logo


What payment service partners does Gladstone work with?

Gladstone works with the following payment service partners:-


worldpay pic less white space


Civica pic less space




Marketing and Communications partners

dotmailer less white space
Gladstone is currently working with dotmailer to update the API capabilities with enhanced functionality, in meantime the API is unsupported for new customers.

What payment methods support Direct Debit and Card Payments in the Gladstone system?

GladstonePay is the official method to collect both Direct Debits and Card Payments (sometime referred to as RCP).

GladstonePay logo

The Gladstone system also works with paygate for a number of payment services.

paygate logo


Which access control partners support Gladstone?

ASP Logo



What other partners does Gladstone work with?
As well as the partners that directly integrate with our core system for access controls and payments there is a whole marketplace of partners that offer a wide variety of other services and solutions for the Gladstone platform.
  • Find out about partner offers currently available now.
  • Join as a Gladstone Marketplace partner.
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