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GladstonePay Overview

A range of payment and collection solutions evolving under the brand name of GladstonePay.

With GladstonePay operators can take Online payments, use a mix either Direct Debit or RCP for collections, as well as take advantage of our finding service to save money on Acquiring Bank fees.

Direct Debit Management

Reduce time and effort with straight through DD management utilising the paygate BACS processing cloud. There is no requirement to use 3rd BACS software or outsource to bureau service, everything can be done right inside the Gladstone system.
DD Management

Recurring Card Payments RCP

With GladstonePay you can offer traditional DD and now RCP, enabling your customers to choose their preferred payment method - it's no longer one or the other, run both RCP and DD side by side. With RCP customers will need to come to you to cancel memberships, it means you have the ability to intervene with offers or a downgraded membership to better manage attrition. 

About RCP

Online Payments Ecommerce

Optimise the way you process online payments, your customers will experience a straight through mobile responsive payment gateway, which reduces basket abandonment and increases repeat purchase.

Online Payments

Acquiring Bank Checking Service

Gladstone is part of the larger entity Jonas Group and with that, Jonas is able to use its vast buying power to achieve the most competitive merchant acquirer rates in the marketplace, let us run a no obligation search to see if you can start saving money today!
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GladstonePay provides operators with choice and flexibility to use RCP and/or DD for collections. Remove the overhead of external bureau services, save money on 3rd Party BACS software as well as reducing your banking acquirer fees.


Modern Payment Choices

Better faster ecommerce/online payments help reduce basket abandonment together with tokenised payments mean its faster and simpler for your customers to spend with you. 

Every customer has a preferred payment method, be it DD or via a Debit or Credit card - with GladstonePay you are not limited to one collection mechanism, you can offer both.  


Automated Direct Debit

The new integrated DD process means:
  • Less complexity for your team as the entire process is performed within Gladstone system
  • No need to send files to your Finance Dept to manage a separate BACS transmission process
  • Get automated EFT rejections notifications with no requirement to check on a daily basis
  • Automatically send emails to your customers with payment links if there is a rejection

Our Payment Partners

  1. paygate is a Jonas company which has a long heritage in payment processing. The feature-rich complete payment platform that is now fully integrated with the Gladstone system facilitating and securing the  BACS submission and automated 'A' Reporting.
  2. Cardstream support our ecommerce solutions and RCP to deliver robust and secure online payments.
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In your control

At Gladstone we like to offer our operators choice and flexibility, whether its industry standard Direct Debit collection or Recurring Card Payments which are ideal for foreign students or overseas corporate members. 
Reducing operational costs through competitive acquiring banks fees is a piece of cake with our free, no obligation, checking service it can make a huge difference to the bottom line of any operator.
Better faster ecommerce/online payments help reduce basket abandonment together with tokenised payments mean its faster and simpler for your customers to spend with you. 

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