The first full-service, cloud-native leisure management solution. Built on a single API for maximum scalability.

No downtime, no delays, no device restrictions


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Cloud-Native is an approach to building applications and services specifically for the cloud infrastructure. It is developed, deployed and managed in the cloud. Regular enhancements both large and small are deployed instantly with zero disruption.

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Built on a single API, it's scalable and extensible, bringing a choice of marketplace certified add-ons to uniquely serve your goals and aspirations. Its headless design means it is perfect for custom personalisation to make it your very own.

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GladstoneGo puts the user experience at the forefront of every touchpoint and is accessible to all. We’ve turned the booking and joining process on its head by focusing on a modern consumer journey. Browse first, choose second, and require the minimum information to avoid abandonment.

Continuous development

As a SaaS solution, Go lets you benefit from real-time in-place updates with zero disruption. We continuously deploy new features when they're ready so there's no downtime. And because it's SaaS, there's no infrastructure to manage as it's all part of the GladstoneGo service.

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Scalable servers

GladstoneGo forms part of the new Gladstone Cloud infrastructure, located in Azure. Designed for optimum performance, the scalable servers with adaptive monitoring mean that servers will scale automatically to cover peak times. 

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Mobile responsive

GladstoneGo is fully mobile-responsive meaning it scales to fit any device. With users able to book whenever and wherever they like, this added convenience will boost your online bookings and enhance the consumer experience.

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