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Course Management
with Level Progression

As your timetable becomes more complex and demanding, with multiple courses, people and venues, managing this resource efficiently becomes a focus.

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Course Management works with the Gladstone LMS to keep member records in sync.

For the:
Coach & Instructor

This Portal allows the Coach, PT or Teacher to monitor the participants progression through their course.  It provides an easy to use front end for day to day planning as well as alerts for new joiners.

Instructors can:

  • Mark registers with poolside device
  • Score & schedule assessments
  • Manage course movements
  • Teaching plans
  • Manage medical alerts

For the:

The Admin portal enables setup of course participants, payment plans and structure wait lists. With an extensive reporting tool enables operators to monitor KPIs. 

Course Administrators can:

  • Setup up and configure courses
  • Manage bookings
  • Enrolment and waiting lists
  • Send Members (SMS/email)
  • Report by date, centre, teacher

For the:
Home Portal

The online Home portal is where parents or course attendees check their progress and see teacher feedback. Parents can manage multiple children with a single login. 

Home is for:

  • Enrolment on a course can be initiated online
  • Weekly progress
  • Manage online payments
  • Progression movements
  • Course history
  • Manage passwords

Learn2 has been rebranded to GoLearn with the addition of online bookings, enabling parents to enrol children on courses from home, instead of coming into centre the first time. Upgrade to "GoLearn"

Home Portal 

Parents or participants can keep better informed by viewing weekly teacher feedback and pay for their next set of lessons online, see when it's time to move to the next level

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Mobile Friendly

GoLearn can be use on Mobile handsets for anywhere course management such as poolside for swim teachers to instantly check attendance, monitor performance and completion stages.

Learn 2 mobile pics.png

No paper registers

See competency check lists and valuable course insights easily. No more enrolment letters once a pupil has been approved to move up a class, GoLearn will automatically email the parent.

Learn 2 booking register screen shot.png

Easy for Receptionists 

Reduce the pressure on your receptionists by allowing your customers to re-enrol for their next course themselves using Home Portal. Parents can keep better informed by viewing weekly teacher feedback and pay for their next set of lessons online. 

Learn2 Home Portal enroll home screen.png

Rich Reporting

Reports can be refined by date, Centre,
specific course or teacher and then exported
to Excel or PDF. Including KPIs for joiners, leavers, course movements and occupancy levels.

Learn 2 Rich Reporting - screen shot.png
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