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Computer Based Training (CBT) online familiarisation course(s) for a variety of Gladstone360 and Plus2 family products.

Courses relevant to all Gladstone 'Signature' releases

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Gladstone360 Configuration

Gladstone360 contains a large variety of configurable elements. These include general settings, automatic emails and workflows. During this eLearning course, learners will be guided through the various configurable options making the most from the product.


The Learn2 application is a course management module providing functionality to facilitate level progression and complex course management. This eLearning course will focus on not only key functionality including how to book, move and top up, but also provide a walkthrough for the mobile device usage and Home Portal.

Gladstone360 Access

Make the most of your Gladstone360 experience by utilising the System Monitor and Class Check-In features. Configure and personalise your ‘System Monitor’ tracking customers movements around your site. Record customers as attended using the Class Check-In electronic registration widget.

Security Configuration

Located in the Gladstone Management Console (GMC), the Security Configuration module may be used to create and customise permissions for specific Gladstone products such as Gladstone360, EyeQ or Business Process Manager among many others. These permissions, once customised, may be assigned to end users within your business.

RackSpace Hosted

Make the most of your Hosted Environment by experiencing some of the basic functionality on offer. If your new to Hosting, follow the ‘Signing into Hosted’ course. Learn how to share files between desktops or manage Hosted account using the ‘Hosted Password Reset’ app.

360 Prospects

Utilise the Prospects module in Gladstone360 to make the most of your sales leads. Within this eLearning course, you will be shown a range of functionality from creating a brand new lead to recording interactions and seeing those through to completion. (pre-GDPR version 2.1.5)


In this eLearning course, you will have the opportunity to learn key functionality for each module including Members, Check-In and POS. Check you knowledge and understanding using the quiz options available for each module. (pre-GDPR version 2.1.5)


Safely remove unwanted data from your Gladstone database using Archiving. Follow the steps outlined in the eLearning and discover how to remove data including unwanted contact records, transactional information and even configuration such as products and subscriptions.


Business Process Manager can automate specific tasks from managing spaces in classes to sending specific communications to customers. Follow the eLearning course and explore how BPM can automate and simplify everyday tasks providing a powerful addition to your Gladstone software suite. (GDPR ready version)


Using the MobilePro product available from Gladstone, build and customise your own corporate mobile app using the step-by-step instructions provided in this eLearning course

Subscription Import

As part of your MoveGB experience, you may be required to import subscriptions onto customer accounts. Follow this step by step eLearning to complete the task.


The Gladstone Management Console (GMC) application contains a range of modules from security configuration to performing an Electronic Funds Transfer. Throughout this eLearning course designed for administrators, users will be guided through the core functionality and provided with step by step instructions to make the most of the application

Connect version 8+

Review training.


Review course.

Plus2 Training

Launch course.


This course is for versions of BPM (product is discontinued) for releases GDPR and Threadneedle. 

BPM Course

The version of this course is for versions of BPM that pre-date the GDPR releases.

Open Active

For customers who have OpenActive Connector enabled.

  1. Learn about the features and functionality of the Data Manager to improve the quality of your data sets. Prepare for this work to take you between 30 mins and an hour - watch video.
  2. Improve your activity listings with rich content. This work may take you between 2 and 4 hours to complete - watch video.

OpenActive webinar recording (27/6/2019).

Webinar Recordings

Missed a webinar you wanted to see? You can view the recordings in your own time here:


G360 Workflows & Setting up Freeze & Cancellation Membership Processes




New Gladstone Reports Package - an Overview 


Gladstone Reports

G360 Prospects Module


Plus2 - Block Bookings Configuration & Invoicing Module 


G360 Configuring Tills


Configuring Party Bookings, Activity Party Bookings, Linked Member Functionality & Paying off Invoices Online


Cashless & Loyalty