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Improve Direct Debit Processing and Collection Rates

Direct Debit Integration is now part of GladstonePay brand, it provides automated signing and BACS submissions, with an improved customer workflow to streamline rejection management and member communications

Reduce Effort &
Save Time

Halve the workload
Typically it takes 14 steps to manage the DD run, and move files between multiple systems. Save time and reduce effort keeping the whole collection process within Gladstone

Remove need for External Services

100% automated

Eradicate the requirement for 3rd party BACs software or Bureau Services to drive process efficiency and enhanced security, collect/receive BACS reports directing in Gladstone

Faster Member Communications

With consultancy

The end to end process facilitates easier ways to directly communicate with members when an issue with their account is identified, the customer receives a simple payment link

Greater Payment Security

Upload / Download

The collection process remains within the Gladstone system utilising the paygate cloud BACs processing HSM - ensuring high availability, payment resilience and a future proof solution


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Remove the hassle of your direct debit collection with automated sending of AUDDIS and DD files, receive automatic notifications of rejections directly in the Gladstone system.

With everything handled inside your Gladstone system there is no third party BACS software required. As well as removing the chance of manual error when moving files between multiple systems.  The end to end process works within the Gladstone hosted environment removing error and improving security.  



  • Already a BACS user 
  • Card readers in place
  • Threadneedle or above for GMC EFT 
  • For automated payment collection BPM, EyeQ, Join@Home, Connect - optional 
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) Certificate which is acquired from your bank

* This service is not available in Ireland/ROI



  • Reduced complexity as users perform entire process within Gladstone system
  • Streamlined process with no reliance on Finance Dept to manage a separate BACS transmission process
  • Automated EFT rejections notifications with no requirement to check on a daily basis
  • Member communications (via email) are fully automated upon completion of the EFT Rejection Wizards.

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Partnership with paygate

paygate is a Jonas company which has a long heritage in payment processing.  As one of the first BACS-approved software providers, they have been helping businesses manage cashflow and stay compliant for almost half a century, establishing and nurturing important connections across the industry.

paygate is the feature-rich complete payment platform that is now fully integrated with the Gladstone system facilitating and securing the  BACS submission and automated 'A' Reporting.

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In your control

Take the complexity of DD collection away with our integrated DD collection solution.
In addition, we offer further service bundles to: 
  • Setup modules invoked for (AUDDIS, EFT Rejections, GMC DD) 
  • Workflow/Wizard Training 
  • EFT Rejection Training 
  • AUDDIS Training 
  • Direct Debit in GMC Training 
  • Business Process Manager solution suggestions 
  • Installation of file transfer application Port Routing 

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