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Have you checked the fees associated with your acquirer in relation to any credit card transactions?

Chances are you have not been regularly checking your credit card merchant fees over time, its likely that regular incremental uplifts may have passed you by, therefore you may not be achieving the best market rate.  Think of it like, sticking to the same household utility company or car insurance provider year after year.  Whether you are a centre manager or in the finance group, in these challenges times making any savings on operational costs can really make a difference.

Gladstone is part of the larger entity Jonas Group and with that, Jonas is able to use its vast buying power to achieve the most competitive merchant acquirer rates in the marketplace.  Our check is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation, all you need to do is provide a copy of your last credit card (Online and/or Peds) merchant statement or an accurate average monthly transaction value (pre-Covid) and we will run a check.  

I would encourage all operators not to overlook merchant fees to their detriment, using this switching service has cost us zero; we have been able to achieve a 50% saving on all our combined credit card transaction merchant fees" -explained a spokesperson for a large Trust in the North East.

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