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Give your online sign-up process a makeover, grab the opportunity to impress and convert your prospects from the get-go.

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Help users find and select their perfect gym membership subscription


Refine by location, site, and facilities to search for your ideal membership.


Select your membership plan, choose a concession type if qualified, contract duration and you're ready to choose a payment method.


Choose a payment type, DD or card payment- pro-rata amounts are automatically calculated. Set optional discounts with promo codes.

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An automatic welcome email is sent and you're good to go!

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Find nearest centre

Multi-site operators have the flexibility to customise the join process, allowing potential members to search by location, facilities, or activity. If you're a single-site operator, we skip this step.

Membership choice types and subs length

Remove complexity

Effortlessly showcase your membership plans with clarity and simplicity. Our innovative 'tagging' approach allows you to assign your internal codes to user-friendly, plain English versions.

Membership descriptions overviews

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Why keep your memberships shrouded in secrecy until after registration? Lay everything on the table from the get-go, removing any reason for potential customers to seek alternatives. Present them with a comprehensive overview, ensuring they grasp the full array of benefits and pricing involved.

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Cut down on needless phone calls and avoid the hassle of waiting at the front desk by giving members the power to settle their debts right from their personal online account space. Here, they can not only save several payment methods but also take charge of linked accounts with ease.

Upgrade Your Potential Members' Journey

In today's digitally-driven era, subscribing online has become as instinctive as breathing, and the pursuit of leisure should be just as effortless. We've streamlined our sign-up process, leading users seamlessly towards discovering their ideal membership option.

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