Turn Customer Insight into Actions

Collect, manage, analyse, and follow up on member feedback with our survey management suite.


Simple. Actionable. Automated.

Find out what your members really think of your club and use this valuable survey insight to drive improvements for them.

MemberInsight integrates with your club management software and uses member interactions to automatically send surveys.

Some survey triggers include:

  • Changing rooms
  • Equipment and staff
  • Attendance at a Club Event

You will always have the ability to create custom multi question surveys and send them whenever you want. As well as set a minimum time between surveys to help keep your members engaged and more likely to respond.

After awareness comes action. Unhappy members will be automatically added into a To Do List so management knows who to follow up with.

Management can assign follow up tasks to specific staff at the club, and will receive a daily summary that details all follow up notes.

It always helps to see the whole picture. MemberInsight tracks all communication between your staff and members, which helps hold your staff accountable.

Use department specific surveys to compare and contrast different areas at your club, helping you discover where you have room for improvement.

MemberInsight allows you to see how your Net Promoter Score stacks up against other clubs who have the same club type are in your area, and have a similar membership size.

NPS Insight Detractors view

Actionable Member Feedback

Collect invaluable feedback from your most important stakeholder group, to inform effective business decisions and drive referrals.

Customer comments, views, opinions and feedback are like gold dust to your business; taking the guess-work out of your service delivery strategy. Our complete member feedback system gives you a flow of timely insight so you are always one step ahead of the game.

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