Cloud Leisure Management

GladstoneGo is a fully cloud-native application, it runs in the Gladstone cloud 

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Why Cloud? 

Cloud-native architecture and technologies are an approach to designing, constructing, and operating workloads that are built in the cloud and take full advantage of the cloud computing model. 

Gladstone has a signature code base which has been developed over 25 years.  A lot has changed. To make sure we can change and react quickly, we needed a new way of developing infrastructure and features. By using advancements in PaaS offering we can concentrate on building the best in class products without worrying about maintaining servers like pets!

We chose Microsoft Azure as our cloud provider, allowing us to push boundaries whilst offering the best security and stability that comes from a datacentre offering in the UK and abroad.

During the past few years we have built our cloud and its native application Go, to embrace all the advantages of cloud computing as well as our longstanding industry expertise.  Our cloud infrastructure is built using DevOps, provisioned in minutes and resized, scaled on demand – via automation. 


Migrating to the Cloud

Gladstone development is 100% committed to innovation for the cloud. We understand the investment operators have made to our Signature solutions, we have devised a plan for existing customers to move to the cloud. Our infrastructure team will convert multiple on-premise or hosted databases associated with Signature solutions to a single cloud-ready database.

Operators can utilise their Signature products and take advantage of all the benefits of SaaS, such as zero downtime updates, resilience and enhanced security as well as, Gladstone Reports and the new Go consumer cloud-native platform.

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Go is now the future and foundation for all Gladstone product innovation. GladstoneGo is evolving as the one-stop cloud-native platform for consumer engagement and the operational management of a leisure centre, club or facility. 

The mobile responsive consumer facing tools are built with the user in mind to simplify engagement with the club. Go 'consumer' is available now to new customers (and existing customers who have migrated to the single database/cloud). Go 'operator' will provide the tools and solutions to manage all aspects of the centre, coming this Autumn.

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Sustainability and Security

Gladstone is committed to playing it's part in supporting the sports and wellness industry to reduce its carbon footprint and strive for energy efficiency.  We want to play our part in delivering cleaner greener air for athletes, teams and individuals in their chosen fitness regime.

By choosing to build and deploy our software using Microsoft Azure we help to support sustainability and protect our ecosystems. Moreover Microsoft's unparalleled $1B yearly investment in security, means that the scale and capacity of the globally deployed Azure network provides defence against common network-layer attacks through always-on traffic monitoring and real-time mitigation and certified ISO.

Benefits of SaaS & Cloud Solutions

  • Always on the latest version - no need to request updates! 
  • Straight forward implementation of products
  • Enhanced security protects your data from web attacks, DDOS attacks and bots
  • Upgrades happen within minutes not days, and there's no disruption whilst your software is being upgraded
  • Servers scale automatically to cover peak times instead of relying on manual fixed infrastructure