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April 28th, 2022

Gladstone360 Access- Class Attendance Widget & Entry Point Profiles Configuration

hosted by Shona Napier

Time: 10am (1-2hrs)

Product: G360

How to set up Gladstone 360 Access Control for access points to clubs. Configuration of the entry points profiles. Topics Include: member subscriptions access, Bookings resource access by grace periods, and retail product access. We will also look at Class attendance checkin to Fitness classes.

Suitable for: Configuration Team members such as: System Administrators and site administrators/admin.

Learning goal: The learning focus for this session will be to understand Gladstone 360 access control and configration settings

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May 5th, 2022

System Housekeeping - Cleaning up your Database - Batch Postings Module, Member Purge Reporting & En Masse Freezing of Memberships

May 19th, 2022

Plus 2- Building & Editing Booking Sheets (Includes Activities & Reservations)

hosted by Shona Napier

hosted by Shona Napier 

Time: 10am (1-2hrs)

Products: Plus2/G360

Time: 10am (2hrs)

Products: Plus2/G360/Go Book

Cleaning up your system and the removal of unpaid sales on members/non-member accounts from bookings that have never been attended. How to void payments and remove unallocated payments in Plus2/G360. Demonstration of Purging historic member records. Examples of en masse reporting.

Suitable for: System Administrator, admin back-office staff and Management level.

Learning goal: How to use the batch postings module, to remove members' and non-members' debt within the system and how to purge/remove old member records as part of GDPR compliance.

This is A refresher/Introduction session, on how to configure bookings sheets and set up activities & reservations in plus2 and Gladstone 360.

Suitable for: Users of Plus2 & 360, at Admin or Management level and site Management.

Learning goal: You will learn how to set up bookable areas, with some activity and reservation examples in Plus2, and G360 with some hints and tips included.

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June 30th, 2022

Reports Generator - Useful Reporting Examples in Plus2

June 23rd, 2022

Dishonour Bookings & Late Cancellations - Plus2 & G360

hosted by Shona Napier 

hosted by Shona Napier 

Time: 10am (2hrs)

Product: Plus2 Reports 

Time: 10am (1hr)

Product: Plus2/G360

An overview of the Plus2 Reporting Tool -A bite-sized training session, on some of our commonly requested reports and saved system macros.

Suitable for: Users of Plus2 at Admin or Management level and who do not use EyeQ or Sisence Reports.

Learning goal: An overview of The Report Generator system, with some generic reporting examples


Dealing with member Late cancellations and No shows, for booking activities and class reservations, within Plus2 & G360.

Suitable for: Administrators, Supervisors, Duty Managers & System administrators

Learning goal: By the end of this session, you will be able to configure, late cancelation/no show booking policies for your facitlity. There will also be an operational demonstration of how dishonour works.

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July 14th, 2022

G360 Workflows & Setting up Freeze & Cancellation Membership Processes

July 21st, 2022

Gladstone Brand New Sisense Reporting Package - An Overview

hosted by Tim Gent 

hosted by Rob Imms

Time: 10am (1-2hrs)

Product: G360/GMC only

Time: 10am (1-2hrs)

Product: Sisense

An Introduction to the Contacts module in Gladstone 360 and a demonstration of how to configure workflows, includes: freeze and cancelations scheduled actions.

Suitable for: This session is suitable for existing 360 customers and all new customers

Learning goal: You will learn how to build membership workflows examples, freeze and cancelation scheduled actions, in the Gladstone 360 module.

In this session we will intoduce Gladstone customers to Sisence reports, to give operators the power to harness their untapped leisure data. Gladstone Sisence Reports reimages data reporting in leisure to create intelligent and insightful report examples by way of powerful visuals.

Suitable for: Attendees wishing to learn more about the latest reporting tools and developments at Gladstone Software.

Learning goal: An overview session of Sisense Reports, showing the look and feel and some basic functionality, from a small number of Dashboards contained within.

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August 11th, 2022

Gladstone 360 Prospects Module

August 25th, 2022

Plus2 - Block Bookings Configuration & Invoicing Module - in Plus2 & G360/Connect

hosted by Craig McIntyre

hosted by Shona Napier 

Time: 10am (1-2hrs)

Product: G360

Time: 10am (2hrs)

Product: Plus2/G360

An overview of Gladstone 360 Prospects Module. Utilise the Prospects module in Gladstone360 to make the most of your membership sales leads and some prospects reports.

Suitable for: Users of Gladstone 360 administrators and sales staff

Learning goal: Within this webinar, you will be shown a range of functionality from creating a brand new lead to recording interactions and seeing those through to completion

Overview session, on how to set up block/hosted bookings and how to produce invoice and pay them off online.

Suitable for: Users of Plus2, at Admin or Management level

Learning goal: Overview session, on how to set up block bookings, within the Plus2 bookings module and then how to operate the invoice run process and pay off invoices through Gladstone 360 & Plus2. With some reporting examples, at the end.

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September 8th, 2022

G360 Configuring Tills - Includes Configuring Products, Activities & Classes

September 29th, 2022

Cashless & Loyalty Configuration in Member Facing Products

hosted by Shona Napier

hosted by Shona Napier 

Time: 10am (1.5hrs)

Product: G360/GMC

Time: 10am (2hrs)

Product: Plus2/Connect/G360/Kiosk/MobilePro

How to build Gladstone 360 Point Of Sale tills, using the Gladstone 360 configuration tool.

Suitable for: Site administrators, admin and Management Level users

Learning goal: An Introductory guide, on how to get the best out of your till configuration and layouts in Gladstone360, with some operational examples.

In this session, we will be showing you cashless and loyalty payments in our member facing products. Take a look if you are thinking of upgrading: Connect, Mobile pro a Kiosk products.

Suitable for: Customers who use Loyalty and cashless in plus2 and 360 wishing to introduce this online via: Connect, Mobile pro and Kiosk, looking at upgrading soon.

Learning goal: You will learn how to administer cashless and loyalty online.

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October 6th, 2022

Configuring Class Party Bookings, Activity Party Bookings, Linked Member Functionality & Paying Off Invoices Online

October 27th, 2022

EyeQ Reports - Commonly Requested EyeQ Report Examples 

hosted by Shona Napier

hosted by Shona Napier

Time: 10am (2hrs)

Product: Connect/MobilePro/GMC

Time: 10am (1-2hrs)

Product: EyeQ

Within this training webinar, we look at the latest changes and configurable elements including booking for others, add-on bookings, paying invoices and more.

Suitable for: Administrators

Learning goal: You will learn how to set up and configure, party bookings, linked member functionality and payment of Invoices online.

Gladstone's analysis and business intelligence reporting system, to show some frequently requested EyeQ report examples.

Suitable for: Current users of EyeQ reports.

Learning goal: Utilising specific EyeQ report examples and then export into Excel as a pivot table or worksheet, to provide informative and creative report examples.

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November 3rd, 2022

Join@home Discount Examples

November 24th, 2022

Configuring and Understanding Density Bookings

hosted by Shona Napier

hosted by Shona Napier

Time: 10am (1-2 hrs long)

Product: Join@home

Time: 10am (1-2 hrs long)

Product: Plus2, G360, Mobile Pro, Connect

Bite-sized training session with its main focus on how to run specific membership promotions, available online through Gladstone's join@home Product

Suitable for: Admin or configuration level of J@H and the Gladstone Management system.

Learning goal:  The learning focus will be to look at building subscription discounts and promotions: to be sold via join@home, through the Gladstone management configuration GMC product.

Density bookings are a method by which a business may configure, monitor, and maintain a strict headcount using the Gladstone Software platform. Density Bookings are hugely configurable and may be set up to accommodate many scenarios.

Suitable for: Suitable for Users of Plus2 and G360, at Admin or Management level

Learning goal: This session aims to provide delegates with a simple and comprehensive understanding of how to set up density booking sheets, to allow leisure providers the ability to control the number of members using a resource or area at any one time.

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December 8th, 2022

Plus2- Configuring Membership Subscriptions - Annual Pay Up Front & Monthly DD, Discounts & Fixed Price Examples

hosted by Shona Napier

Time: 10AM to Noon (2hrs)

Product: Plus2 / G360

How to configure membership subscriptions, within Plus2 and then how to apply member promotions and discounts -includes product price increases.

Suitable for: All users of Plus2 at system administration level.

Learning Goal:  You will learn how to configure subsciptions and subscription products and then how to allocate different subscription discounts. How to manage membership price increases.

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