Expiration of PTS L3 Verifone Peds

Verifone PCI 3 Guidance and Discontinuance Notification

Verifone has now issued end of life notification on their PCI 3 range of payment devices in compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council PCI 3 expiration date of 30 April 2020.

Products with expired PCI 3 approvals are not eligible for new sale or new deployments other than repair and replacement of like products.

It is acceptable to purchase devices prior to the PCI 3 expiry date, however, anyone purchasing expired devices or deploying large number of devices after the expiry date will need to discuss the liability with their acquirer.

Products with expired PCI 3 approvals may remain in the field and are eligible for Delta testing or Delta evaluations provided no security vulnerabilities or exploits are identified by the processors.


Verifone Bulletin

Download Verifone's July 2019 end of life bulletin, which includes a list of impacted PCI 3 products and part numbers. Read More →

Affected Devices

The end of life for PTS Level 3 units affects; VX820, VX820 Duet and VX680 Bluetooth.

Replacement PTS Level 5 Compliant

  • VX820 will be replaced by the P400 (no receipt)
  • VX820 Duet will be replaced by the V200C (receipt)
  • VX680 Bluetooth will be replaced by the V240M

Verifone will ship valid orders for the above PCI 3 products placed on or before the Final Order Date by approximately April 15, 2020. This means that no new merchants will be able to install PTSL3 devices after this date.

After October 1, 2019, Verifone will cease taking orders for PCI 3 products. Verifone encourages ordering of related spare parts for PCI 3 products at the time you place your final order.  Customers considering purchase of existing PCI 3 products from Gladstone should notify their Account Manager as soon as possible in order for Gladstone to provide immediate visibility to Verifone as new stock and parts will diminish.

Except as previously agreed by Verifone in a written Agreement, Verifone is no longer conducting feature enhancements for the PCI 3 products listed above, including any functional improvements or changes, support for existing or new product or service, new EMV kernels or certifications, or any other enhancement.

Verifone will not issue software updates or provide development support after April 2020, except that, until April 2023:

  • They will continue to provide error corrections for Severity 1 (Critical) software errors, including security vulnerabilities. 
  • In the event of a compliance mandate issued by PCI / payment card brands, they will work with you in good faith to agree on development support to address the compliance mandate, subject to appropriate compensation and as documented in a statement of work.

Verifone has confirmed they would be able to swap out broken units that need replaced.

Other than for devices subject to an extended warranty, Verifone will discontinue service and repair of the above PCI 3 products after April 2023. Verifone is no longer offering extended warranties or other support commitments that would extend beyond April 2023. Verifone will honour valid extended support contracts for the above PCI 3 products to the full term. This includes any valid extended warranty, Buyer Protection, or other customer support commitments with respect to PCI 3 products that have previously been accepted by Verifone in writing. Subject to component availability and other factors, Verifone will also continue to provide repair through the End of Service Date (April 2023).