Customer-Focused Premium Aftercare

Support Services

Raise a Support Ticket: 
  • Plus2, Gladstone360 and complimentary modules, here
  • GladstoneOne (formally LeisurePoint/ClubCentric by SDA software), here

Support is a pivotal part of ensuring that our Customers not only receive the correct solution for their needs but make the most out of their investment, guaranteeing operations run as smoothly as possible. 

When resolving any day-to-day software issues our first-line support team calls each customer to ensure the problem has been fixed and that they are happy for the incident to be closed before we sign it off.

Net Promoter Score

Additionally, using NPS (Net Promoter Score), we can analyse the extent of our customers satisfaction and pick out any key issues that may arise from the feedback. Our dedicated Retention Manager will then follow up with the customer and works tirelessly to resolve any problems that they might have. 

Customer Portal

Another aspect of Support that contributes to outstanding customer service includes the dedicated customer portal. Here you can raise support tickets, access documentation and training, and attend our free webinar training sessions. Identifying common customer-training needs, we have also produced snack sized help videos to enable faster resolution.

I am determined to provide
Customers with the best Support!
Source: Jonathan Christensen, Head of Customer Support, Gladstone

All of these measures are used to help adapt and shape our products, services and business processes to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. Our products are one thing, but there are a whole host of people behind the scenes, and all facets of our organisation work together to ensure great service.

It is part of our company culture to ensure all staff are customer-focused, and all managers are empowered to include customer-focused objectives in staff development. We hold our staff accountable when it comes to customer service, both in terms of product development and how we run our business.

Our Promise

Whether you contact us through the self-service portal or via the telephone Gladstone will aim to resolve your support incident within a timely manner to ensure a swift conclusion to your case. We acknowledge all cases within 24 hrs where our Support technicians will aim to resolve your issue while you're on the phone and throughout keeping you informed with regular updates as your case is progressed.  If we unable to resolve your case immediately it will be escalated to second line support for further investigation. All activity on your case will be closely monitored and visible through the Gladstone Customer Portal with notes and case resolutions details provided.

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