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University achieves record customer satisfaction levels after investment in Gladstone’s new signature software

Customer satisfaction levels at Portsmouth University’s Department of Sport and Recreation are at an all-time high following the installation of a new operating system from Gladstone.  

From March 2016 to March 2017, the proportion of customers rating the customer service and bookings process at the university’s three sport and leisure facilities as good or excellent has risen by 6 per cent to 94 per cent, according to sports duty supervisor Bryn Jones – a rise he believes is directly connected to the launch of Gladstone360 last July.  

A key reason for this increase in satisfaction, believes Jones, is that Gladstone360 enables staff to respond much more quickly and effectively to the unique needs of staff and student members at the university, which has been a Gladstone customer for 10 years.  

“Students have a varied approach to fitness, with some planning their weeks around their sporting commitments and others wanting immediate opportunities to play sport or do an activity during study breaks. We also have frequent, last-minute cancellations on classes due to a changing study schedule.  

“In line with this, our members want quick and intuitive check-in and booking processes, and expect to be able to use technology efficiently to achieve this.”  

The launch of Gladstone’s mobile app, MobilePro, in September 2014 was the first highly successful step towards improving the booking process – and ultimately convinced the team to invest in Gladstone360, too.  

“With close to 9,000 downloads since launch, more than 100,000 hits since January alone, and 85 per cent of class users booking through the app, it’s fair to say our members love MobilePro”, says Jones. “So when we heard Gladstone was releasing a new operating system, we were keen to try it out.”  

The Department started using Gladstone360 last July and according to Jones, one of the greatest advantages is that it allows reception staff to switch easily between different modules – for example, Contacts, CheckIn and POS – giving them access to all the information they need while also allowing them to complete multiple transactions quickly.  

Each of the new modules mentioned above also has innate strengths, says Jones. “Contacts is quick and efficient to use; adding members and updating details is seamless. POS is fully customisable to our needs, allowing us to make promotional items larger to put more emphasis on them and to link multiple tills.  

“But CheckIn is where Gladstone360 really comes into its own. As well as a record of any correspondence, it gives a clear overview of each member’s purchasing and booking history, while offering access to other activities they may be interested in. From here, multiple sessions can be booked with just a few clicks. Plus, upcoming bookings are also easily viewed, which is great for those students who have forgotten what they’ve booked!  

“The other major benefit of Gladstone360 is that it is mobile responsive – our staff can now use iPads to book people into sessions wherever they are in the facility, which greatly improves staff-customer interaction.”

Gladstone Solutions

As a long standing customer of Gladstone  Portsmouth University also uses:-

  • Gladstone360
  • Connect for online class bookings
  • Join@home for online joining
  • eyeQ for business intelligence
  • Plus2 manages the central database 
  • Business Process Managment (BPM) for streamlined adminstration
  • Kiosk self-service in 3 extensive sites

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