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Data Validation

We partner with the following data validation companies to bring you the best in the market whatever your data requirements.

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Payment Service Providers

Getting money into your business quickly and securely is vital. At Gladstone we work with industry leaders to ensure you get the best service and solution.

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Marketing & Communication

Engaging your customers is key to keeping them happy, at Gladstone we work with a variety of marketing & communication businesses to ensure you get the solution you need.

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GladstonePay enables credit card payments (RCP) as well as straight through DD collection right within the Gladstone system with our partnership with Paygate. 

GladstonePay Overview here.

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Kiosk & Access Control

Getting customers into your facility quickly is key, each company we work with can help you get your users through faster and more efficiently.


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Gantner integration is only available with
GladstoneOne. Formally marketed as LeisurePoint by SDA 

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Procurement Frameworks

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Industry Alliances

Gladstone is a Strategic Partner of UKactive and business partner of Community Leisure, formally known as Sporta.

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Gladstone uses APIs and connectors to integrate solutions and services. 


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Become a Partner

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