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About MoveAnywhere

The MoveAnywhere interactive Live Streaming platform with Myzone integration is designed to expand the reach of fitness and activity classes beyond the confines of the studio whether in club or anywhere else.  
Now that the online revolution is here to stay together with home fitness, MoveAnywhere is the route to being able to offer digital or blended experiences to your customers. It enables operators to maintain connections with members as well as capturing PAYG browsing customers, increasing revenue and maintaining a tight social connection with the centre. MoveAnywhere also supports Myzone adding that an extra level of class interaction and competitiveness. 
MoveAnywhere is the only fully integrated live stream solution for your Gladstone system, recognising the digital membership subs in your Gladstone database ensuring you receive revenue from your digital streaming subs.  Together with new blended subscription types operators can utilise the Gladstone LMS to deploy loss aversion tactics like no-show and cancellation fees, online credit, recurring card payments, reminders and calendar sync all working together to increase customer commitment and retention.
Unlike other 3rd party streaming solutions launched from MobilePro, MoveAnyway will take advantage push notifications from the cock-pit and integrate with your digital subs in the Gladstone system.
One of the most powerful features of a modern digital platform like MoveAnywhere and Gladstone's forthcoming 'Signify' consumer solution lets the ‘product’ do the selling by using purchase-psychology and product-nudging. This new breed of software with its smart digital design and behaviour change nudges optimise the AARR ‘funnel’ (acquisition, activation, revenue, retention) with features such as 'go book again’ or ‘go join' as well as personalised recommendations.   
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What will my customers see?

Customers entering the platform will arrive directly into a branded portal showcasing the digital experiences on offer from their membership provider, front and centre. Customers can also choose to attend Myzone compatible classes where they see the Myzone badge.

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What metrics are captured?

MoveAnywhere provides comprehensive reporting metrics:

  • CRO (conversion rate optimisation)
  • % sign up to book within seven days
  • repeat book within seven days
  • WACs ( weekly active users )
  • ARPU (average revenue per user)
  • Cohort decay/retention charts (by lead source, month, activity, geography)

Increase Reach with Digital

Operators can opt-in to take advantage of additional incremental revenue from the world's largest online marketplace, by publishing digital classes and experiences beyond the reach of the local community. Using the power of the internet operators can attract new PAYG customers to grow brand reputation through publishing unique digital content across the web.  (at the operators discretion)

Moveanywhere supports integration with Myzone:

MoveAnywhere screen capture with MyZone metrics displayed

Although both content types (on-demand and livestreaming) offer the benefits of providing variety and convenience to the user, livestreaming brings more advantages that can drive better customer engagement and value in the long term. That is because the booking appointment drives motivation to attend, the interactive and conversational functionality allows for direct communication in real-time, and the nature of ‘live’ delivers an energising effect that no recorded content can replicate.

Download Guide: Which service is right for you?

The MoveAnywhere service is designed to deliver the following key offerings to operators: 


  • MoveAnywhere can be operated as both a 'streaming' and 'on-demand' portal 
  • It provides operators with the ability to upload their own on-demand content to supplement live streamed classes
  • Provides clubs and operators with additional revenue streams and new types of subscription up-sells
  • It offers fully integrated join-up process from the Gladstone LMS in either a PAYG or an Integrated membership model
  • Option #1 - Pay as You Go, not integrated. Operators send a link to their customers which takes them to their MoveAnywhere branded web page, the consumer enters their details and signs up.  The consumer will be charged on a PAYG basis to access the operators classes. There is currently no charge for setup at this time.
  • Option #2 - Pay as You Go, integrated. This streamlines the consumer experience so that the customer uses their Connect login details to access the MoveAnywhere services which are passed through using the MWS Connector.  Classes are charged to the customer on a PAYG rate set by the operator. 
  • Option #3 - Membership Integrated. Using the same streamlined consumer sign-up process via Connect and MWS, the operator has the ability to include their classes within their chosen subscription offerings.

You wouldn't open a new venue by committing to only being able to offer a singularly priced membership, so why would you risk entrapping yourself in future by doing so when launching a digital offering? By building in flexibility to your methods of revenue generation, you are future-proofing yourself against the rapid changes that can take hold of both the industry and the digital economy.

Providers should consider their tools, resources and training to that help instructors to navigate the technical aspects of quality livestream delivery as well as the craft. That includes supportive materials on lighting, sound, music, environment setup and equipment that can enhance the overall experience. Additionally the Gladstone Shop is offering white-label home fitness kits, which can be branded and marketed by operators to their home fitness subscribers as an additional retail revenue stream.  To enquire about this programme speak to a member of team at the Gladstone shop.

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The MoveAnywhere platform is hosted on one the worlds leading livestream services, Zoom.  Mitigating any concerns over security issues and unauthorised access is vital, MoveAnywhere uses dynamic URLs as well as strong control of the camera view and secure payment processing.

Operators will require BPM, EyeQ as well as the MWS Connector to use Delivery Options 2 & 3 in order for the consumer to utilise their Connect account for streamlined access to the platform. A tile can be supplied to operators with MobilePro to facilitate access to the platform directly from the mobile app. For new installations of BPM, EyeQ and MWS operators will be required to use the Gladstone Threadneedle platform release.  To utilise recurring card payments within the Gladstone LMS and MobilePro, operators will require GladstonePay.  

Gladstone have chosen to partner with MoveGB to deliver a streaming solution to its operators. MoveGB were originally founded in Bath, UK in 2013, and are now one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world. Their founder is one of the world's leading experts in exercise adherence and retention strategies for the health and leisure sector.
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