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Accelerate your online bookings

Apps have become an integral part of our lives. Your members want easy and fast access to news, information and bookings 24/7 wherever they are. With MobilePro it’s easy for them to get the most out of your facilities and achieve their fitness goals.

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With MobilePro you get your own branded app that you can customise for the services at your gyms. The design and contents are changeable by you, any time, as often as you like, using our intuitive web cockpit. Give your Marketing professionals the chance to market to the masses, designed for non-technical users, it's super-easy to keep your members up-to-date. 

Can a Mobile App help with Online Bookings in the over 50's demographic? See how Wellington College has exceeded all expectations and moved online booking to 80%.

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Your Own App in The Stores

Delight your members by publishing an app, which can be downloaded for free, that makes it quick and easy to get the best from your gym and gives your brand a big boost! Control every aspect of your app branding, you can change and update it as often as you like. 

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Perfectly Integrated

Easily integrated with 3rd-Party partners and services. New technology is appearing all the time. Thanks to standardised interfaces, you can integrate these simply and quickly so your members have everything in one place, your app. 


Remote Control

Control and monitor your app- even from the comfort of your sofa! The cockpit works brilliantly on a tablet or a mobile phone, so even when you're relaxing or out and about, you can publish news, send notifications, check reports etc...

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Know What's Going On

Real- time stats at your finger tips with our reports and analysis tool. See what's happening in your app right now and historically: 
- How many users have downloaded the app?
- How many hits were there today? 
- How many users have responded to our push messages? 
- & much more...

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Attract Lots of New Members

Built-in lead generation more than pays for your app. Our built-in, tracked, GDPR-compliant, refer-a-friend module gets amazing results though seamless integration with the phone. It delivers a continual stream of high-quality leads automatically, without any on-going marketing effort, resulting in up to 20 x the return on investment of the app.

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“I don't think I've been this excited about something we're offering to our customers in years!!”
Bob Peck- Commercial Development Manager, Glasgow Club

Bob Peck
Commercial Development Manager, Glasgow Club

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