Increase Retention by Offering Loyalty Points

Drive Retention with Loyalty Points

Encourage your customers to become true fans of your centre by awarding loyalty points for buying products, services or activities. 

Loyalty creates a happy, engaged customer base by encouraging your customers to come back time and time again. Not only is this feature totally configurable to your needs, but also like all the Gladstone feature set, you can start as small as you like and grow your offering as you build confidence in what really makes your customers feel valued.

Our loyalty points feature allows you to be able to award and redeem points for the purchase of specific products and services. Fully configurable and flexible, it allows you to be able to select which products award points and the points value. You can also select which products points can be redeemed against.

We’ve found customers who have retail environments or cafes find loyalty points particularly useful.  People love working towards a free coffee

Benefit for Operators

  • Encourage specific participation: if you launch a new product or service, you can make sure that customers will be even further incentivised to try something new by given a larger number of points.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: the supermarkets aren’t wrong! Customers who feel they’ve been given rewards feel far more valued and will come back time and time again.
  • Increase participations and therefore revenues: Customers who feel valued attend more and spend more; some estimates put this statistic as up to 18% more per transaction.
  • Increase loyalty Lower your attrition rates by keeping hold of your current end users- engaged users are 5 times more likely to stay with their current supplier.
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Member Benefits

  • Experience the benefits of rewards: you can choose exactly what the rewards will be, but nothing feels better for your end users than experience of being rewarded for attending your centre. Your loyal customers might not be encouraged to visit more, but your occasional customers may become regulars overnight.
  • Easy to manage and use points: we have expanded our loyalty points scheme to encompass all our consumer products which means that people can check and use point from any device, wherever they are. Convenience is key for today’s end users and this is a truly flexible experience catering to today’s modern consumers.
  • Payments are fully flexible: Not only is our loyalty solution totally configurable to your needs, but it also helps your consumers to configure their own experience. If they do not have enough loyalty point to “pay” for whatever they desire, they can now pay the balance in whichever manner they wish; by cash in centre, by card or by using a cashless account.

Why not start small and try it with a few products to see the benefits and learn what your customers are incentivised by?


  • Configurability- As with all of Gladstone’s features, we put configurability at the centre of our design. You can determine the value of a point; the activities, products or services that will accrue points (and how many) and what the points can be spent on. Pick and choose what you want your customers to be rewarded for, and even change this as and when you see fit.
  • Accessibility: We have put loyalty points in all our consumer systems. Customers using Connect, Mobile Pro, Kiosk, or Kiosk can take advantage of the system to add, check and spend points.
  • Easy to use: The Front of house aspect of the loyalty scheme is easy and intuitive for your reception staff. They can see and flexibly spend customers’ points with as much as ease as a cash transaction. The ease of visibility for the front of house user can also encourage up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Utilise the power of Limited time offers once you are up and running and have defined your strategy, you can use loyalty points to encourage specific behaviours and, even more powerfully, make these time limited offers.
  • Reward your all inclusive members – Subscription holders who participate for ‘free’ could also accrue points. This way, you can delight your members and encourage them to try new products and services.


  • Loyalty functionality is available within the Threadneedle release, some additional fees such as training may be applicable.
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