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Dave Thompson, Health and Safety and Estates Manager, Live Active Leisure

"So when Gladstone Health and Leisure announced it was launching eyeQ, a powerful new query builder and business intelligence tool, we were very keen to be early adopters. 

As Gladstone customers for more than a decade, we were already using the Plus2 leisure management system across our 15 sites, alongside the Gladstone Management Console (GMC), Connect for online booking, Join@Home for online memberships and Learn2 for course management.

Although Plus2 does come with a number of in-built reporting tools, what we particularly liked about eyeQ was the ability it gave us to fully customise our reports and to build quite complicated, customised queries without being computer programmers. Specifically, we saw it being valuable in two key areas: for building and analysing customer information, and for monitoring and improving our financial processes.

In November 2013, we started using an early version of eyeQ, which showed great potential but did not have quite the level of detail we required. Since then, our feedback to Gladstone has helped them to develop a product that closely meets our needs, so in that respect being an early adopter has been a great advantage.

One of the biggest strengths of the product is that it pre-segments the data into predefined tables, for example, memberships or sales. With standard reporting tools, the data tends to be more jumbled, so it’s not obvious how to get to the bits you’re really interested in.

We also like how eyeQ integrates seamlessly with Excel pivot tables, enabling us to slice and dice the information according to our needs. And because Excel software is so universal and easy to use, the majority of people who need to see the data understand it.

Another advantage eyeQ has over other reporting tools is its use of a reporting data layer (RDL), which extracts data from the Plus2 database overnight to create tables that eyeQ can query.  Because the RDL refreshes itself every 24 hours, we are confident we are working with the latest data, but without the drawbacks of working with live data. Some of the queries we run look at millions of lines of data, which, if you’re working with live data, has the potential to slow down the entire system – and that isn’t much fun if you’re a receptionist trying to book a family in for a swim at the same time.

In terms of benefits, eyeQ has already had a big impact on the quality of our market research, especially relating to usage patterns and member retention. On a practical level, this can directly affect business decisions. For example, if a manager runs a report showing a decline in a particular group of classes over a three-month period, they can take immediate action by getting customer feedback and potentially making changes to either the class timetable or the way those classes are marketed.

We also believe eyeQ has enormous potential as a financial tool: I’m currently using the Custom SQL feature to pull together various strands of financial information into a single mechanism that will eventually write an income return."

Gladstone Solutions

As a customer of Gladstone for 10+ years Live Active Leisure also uses:-

  • eyeQ for powerful report building
  • Connect for online class bookings
  • Plus2 manages the central database
  • Join@home for online membership
  • Learn2 for complex course management
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