Kiosk 2020

Reduce Queues with a Virtual Receptionist

Customers expect the ability to use self-service tools to complete their daily tasks, such tools are now  prevalent in fast food outlets, airport check-ins and local shops. With increased attention on active and healthy lifestyles operators are seeing more customers coming into centre; with decreasing staff numbers a kiosk streamlines bookings and payment processes, as well as enabling customers to self-serve, creating enhanced operational efficiency.  

Upgrade your front of house with these stunning new style kiosks. Introducing Kiosk is like opening a brand new, fully staffed reception desk by allowing customer throughput and traffic to increase.

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Benefit for Operators

  • Easy to use - touch screen
  • Fast track - reduces pressure at reception during peak times by diverting customers away from reception.
  • Ticket enabled - adds even more value by allowing customers to collect their own tickets when they arrive for bookings they made online.
  • Reduce pressure on front of house
  • Improve customer service
  • No reliance on staff overheads
  • Less cash handling
  • Increased footfall
  • Allows for unmanned facilities

Watch how ActiveNewham utilise Kiosk with
tickets and access controls

The solution also helps improve customer service by extending the location of your reception desk and giving customers the opportunity to manage their own transactions at their convenience.

Kiosk v2 - reception render all 3

Kiosk Styles

  • Mini Wall Mount
    A wall mounted device with an RFID reader. No printer, chip & pin or barcode reader option. It is designed as a member engagement device.
  • Wall Mount 
    A mid sized wall mounted unit, that comes as standard with RFID, barcode and printer. With the option to include chip and pin.
  • Floor Mounted
    This floor standing unit is similar to the existing kiosk, it includes RFID, barcode and printer. With the option to include chip and pin.

One of our centres reduced average customer time spent in reception from 1 minute to just 16 seconds by using kiosks and cashless accounts.


  • Pay for admission tickets such as swimming
  • Make bookings for courts, pitches and classes
  • Pay for bookings
  • Collect tickets
  • Wrist band printing (Optional)
  • Book and Pay for your “Booking Buddies”
  • Process multiple transactions via a shopping basket
  • Link to Usage Subscriptions
  • Link to Access Control Solutions
  • Chip & Pin payments


  • Customers purchasing these devices will be transitioned to the next version of kiosk software when available. 
  • All models have a wide screen 21.5 inch 16:9 ratio PCAP touchscreen. 
  • All models come with integrated status lighting.
  • All models will run the latest edition of Windows 10 for security and peace of mind.
  • The new kiosks are perfect to work with GladstonePay when available.
  • Unfortunately Gladstone will not be able to mount kiosks as part of installation.
  • Gladstone will provide templates to enable wall mounting for installation by 3rd parties. 
  • All models support Cashless with the latest Threadneedle release, together with top-ups and Loyalty points.
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