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Ashleigh Grailey, Business Improvement Officer, Kirklees Active Leisure

"As a Gladstone customer since 1997, we were already using a wide range of the company’s products across our 14 sites, including Plus2 for member management, the Gladstone Management Console (GMC), Contact Manager, Kiosk self-service units, Connect for online booking, Join@Home for online memberships and Courses (formally Learn2) for course management.

What appealed to us most about eyeQ was the opportunity it offered to create custom reports to fit the unique needs of our business, as well as the option to pull real-time information when required, thereby removing the delay in providing figures that could affect a business decision.

One of the most useful features of the product is the Query Builder, which allows us to select the fields we need and build reports that exactly reflect our information requirements. Meanwhile, the ability to export to Excel – combined with the fact that the reporting data layer (RDL) extracts fresh data from Plus2 every 24 hours – means operations staff can easily access and understand the information they need, when they need it, without having to create the reports themselves or have any specialist reporting knowledge.

The biggest benefit so far has been the ability to closely monitor income using custom reports, saving on staff time. In the past, when site managers came to submit their weekly income reports, they had to work through a list of information and pull it into a report format. Now, they simply have to open a spreadsheet and eyeQ will populate it with the information exactly as they require it. The workbook option also enables us to dig deeper into this data and find specific customer records that we need to investigate.

Using the Custom SQL option within the Query Builder, our IT team is now in the process of creating custom reports covering all areas of our business, from income monitoring in specific areas to membership gains and number of customer visits. Once these are complete, the need for our operations staff to run and format individual reports should be entirely removed."

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Gladstone Solutions

As a customer of Gladstone for 21 years KAL also uses:-

  • eyeQ for powerful report building
  • Connect for online class bookings
  • Join@home for online joining
  • Plus2 manages the central database
  • Join@home for online membership
  • Kiosk for self-service
  • Learn2 for complex course management
  • MobilePro app


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