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Happy customers come back
more often!

Upgrade Loyalty and Retention

With 'Insight NPS' find out what your members really think of your club and use the valuable insight to drive improvements for them
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Turn your Customers into Fans!

Gain Actionable Member Feedback

With globally recognised loyalty measure Net Promoter Score®, you can collect member feedback and gauge loyalty with just one question which takes seconds to answer.

Allow the club to
Identify the hot topics in your facility instantly

  • Automatically send customers emails daily
  • Gives a real-time snap shot of customer perceptions
  • Fully integrated into the Gladstone platform, no need to extract separate data lists
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“Insight NPS has changed the way we prioritise centre functions to make us a more customer centric organisation”

To Do List 

Use the handy to-do-list to manage and assign response feedback

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They Said What..!

Understand exactly what the Detractors are unhappy about and get it sorted, quick time!

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What is the Buzz?

See at an instant where the issues arise, use grouping and tags to identify key areas of improvement

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Shifting Perceptions

Monitor customer perception changes and conversions between Detractors, Passives and Promotors

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“Each morning I check my NPS scores on my mobile phone before I hit the office, it sets me up for the day knowing exactly what needs my immediate attention" 

Martin Guyton

Chief Executive at Tonbridge & Malling Leisure Trust


Some of our customers who are already using Insight NPS

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