Class Party Bookings

Class Party Bookings

Our new feature allows a member or non-member of a club to book classes for themselves and others in the same transaction. This functionality has been available in Plus2, and has now been rolled out to encompass Gladstone360, Online Booking (Connect), Mobile Pro, and the suite of APIs (MWS).  

Operators looking to drive bookings online have experienced uplift in online activity due to the increased ease of use of this functionality. 

Benefit for Operators

  • Decrease queues in centre; with more people booking and paying online, you’ll quickly see queues decrease.
  • Encourages more “social” class attendance leading to higher numbers in centre. Harnessing the social side to well-being and exercise can lead to a jump in revenue. People are more likely to attend if their friends are going, less likely to cancel and far more likely to become regulars.

Booking screen


Member Benefits

  • Better customer experience- 1 basket, 1 transaction, many people. The in-centre booking experience is vastly improved. No more waiting for multiple transactions; time at the till is decreased.
  • Extends the reach of the Mobile Pro and Online Bookings - book at home for you and your friends; just a few clicks and a group of people can be trying a new experience in your centre.
  • Parents can book and pay for children’s leisure time; a convenient way to book for groups of children (friends or siblings) to attend classes.

Configuring sessions at a climbing wall or trampoline park as a class will allow you to use class party bookings to ensure experience booking is seamless and easy.


Gladstone 360:
  • Allows members and non-members to make party bookings. Now you can book a class for members, non-members or even a mix of the two - what better way to help your members start bringing in new attendees.
  • User can select the price level required for a non-member booking. This allows multiple price bands within one class booking; for example, concessionary pricing and standard pricing.
  • Manage participants allows you to add others and exclude yourself (if desired). This is ideal for parents of older children and allows them to book and pay for others to attend a class, but not to attend themselves.
Party Bookings in 360





Mobile Pro and Online Booking (Connect)
  • Members can make party bookings for members and non-members; wherever you are, use your phone or computer to make bookings for yourself and others.
  • Select the number of other people you want to book for, and their price level. Flexibility being paramount, we have made sure that your different price levels will be visible and bookable.
  • With the ability to exclude the member from the activity whilst booking and paying for others.  This makes it easy for parents to book activities on behalf of children, who wish to watch the fun from the side lines.
  • Class Party Bookings functionality is integrated into the Threadneedle release, with 'Service Pack #1' applied.
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