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Improved reporting saves 'a Day a Month'

Michelle Schwick, Leisure systems Co-Ordinator, (One Leisure) Huntingdon District Council

"As long-term Gladstone customers, we were very pleased to be early adopters of Business Process Manager (BPM), which is designed to automate a whole range of mundane manual tasks, not least sending emails to customers.

As well as enabling significant savings in staff time, BPM makes it simple for us to stay in touch with our customers, which can only be a good thing. Since we took it on a year ago, the system has been particularly useful in helping us fill spaces in classes, by identifying customers who have booked that activity in the last few weeks, automatically emailing them to inform them we have availability and finally directing them to our website to make a booking.

Whereas previously our staff would have had to personally contact customers to try and fill spaces, BPM automatically sends alerts to a new batch of customers three times a day. With class occupancy dependent on so many different factors, from the weather to individual instructors, it is hard to prove a direct link between BPM and increased class numbers. However, what we can be certain about is that bookings made directly after the emails go out – at 7am, 2pm and 5pm – have increased significantly.

We also use BPM to email new customers their login and password details for Connect online booking and/or Gladstone’s MobilePro app. This used to be a manual process, but BPM now automatically schedules these emails to go out twice a day.

The set-up process for BPM was extremely straightforward with only a couple of Webex sessions needed to get us started, and the benefits have been well worth the investment. We are now keen to make use of the waiting list function, which will automatically alert customers on our waiting lists that we now have spaces. So far, we haven’t been able to take advantage of this as we have both members and pay-as-you-go customers on our waiting lists, and there is currently no payment gateway on MobilePro. But with this coming soon, we are looking forward to adding that functionality.

Generally speaking, Gladstone’s products, including Connect, MobilePro, Kiosk self-service units and BPM, have completely changed the way our customers book classes. With a much lower reliance on telephone or face-to-face bookings, a huge amount of staff time has been freed up. From April to November 2014, compared with the same period in 2013, we estimate we have saved 210 hours, or 28 days, of phone calls, and 443 hours, or 59 days, of reception time (based on one day being equal to 7.5 hours) – and the way we see it, the less time our staff spend taking bookings, the more they can spend on customer care."

Gladstone Solutions

As a customer of Gladstone for 17 years
One Leisure also uses:-

  • Business Process Manger (BPM)
  • Connect for online class bookings
  • Plus2 manages the central database
  • eyeQ for powerful report building

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