Cloud is the Future

Gladstone software is moving to the cloud, GladstoneGo Consumer is a fully cloud native SaaS application.

Sustainability and Security

Gladstone is committed to playing it's part in supporting the sports and wellness industry to reduce its carbon footprint and strive for energy efficiency.  We want to play our part in delivering cleaner greener air for athletes, teams and individuals in their chosen fitness regime.

We are building and deploying our software using Microsoft Azure to support sustainability and protect our ecosystems. Moreover the unparalleled $1B yearly investment in security, means that the scale and capacity of the globally deployed Azure network provides defence against common network-layer attacks through always-on traffic monitoring and real-time mitigation and certified ISO.

Hosting Environment

Everybody wants IT to just work, but the reality is your IT team’s performance is hampered by spending too much time keeping the lights on, managing software versions and daily operations. For infrastructure to deliver maximum business value, you need to continually manage and optimise it. Its also the first to GladstoneGo.


  • Always on the latest version
  • SQL server maintained with support lifecycle
  • Free of charge upgrades
  • Straight forward implementation of products
  • Faster support from Gladstone
  • Re-balance capital expenditure to operational

Cloud Native 'SaaS'

The GladstoneGo platform is built on a modern microservices code base, using a single API to integrate with any 3rd party solutions. Everyone is using the same application and everyone gets the same immediate real-time updates and no disruptions. 


  • Everything that the hosting environment offers and more
  • Have peace of mind that your application is running in at least 3 datacentres
  • Future proof code base
  • Automatic real-time monitoring 
  • Automation of resources in high traffic situations

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