Choosing a Hosted Solution

Why Hosting?

Many organisations especially in local government are looking to consolidate and centralise services to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and create a shared services model to better support their citizens. In addition, there is increasing focus on sustainability and green credentials. Managing and operating disparate server infrastructures for business applications across an estate can be costly. Managing an on-premise infrastructure hampers your IT team’s performance by spending too much time keeping the lights on, managing software versions and daily operations. For your infrastructure to deliver maximum business value, you need to continually manage and optimise it.  Moving your LMS to a hosted environment provides operators with many benefits. 

Have peace of mind that your system is managed and run in a 'state of the art' UK based data centre with our partner Rackspace.  Your data is held in a secure and temperature controlled environment with vetted IT professionals on hand to replace failed HW in an instant.  The data centre team will maintain service patches and virus protection systems in case of cyber attack, should there be a major power outage for any reason, the data centre has UPS fail over to keep the power running until normal service is resumed. 

  • Re-balance Expenditure Reduce the burden for continual capital expenditure, move costs into operational expenditure and avoid the high up front capital costs with predictable subscription billing. There is no charge for Professional Services for software you already own.
  • Reduce IT Staff costs No requirement for server support 24/7 365. The IT team doesn't need to re-create server infrastructure so there is no single point of failure. Free up IT to manage more innovative projects. Maintenance is easy, no need to carry multiple spares of every server component.
  • Work with the Best in Class Our hosted environment is safe in hands with RackSpace. Dedicated, fully resilient, hardware solution. This metal system is dedicated to our customers only, unlike a fully cloud based environment that is on fully shared infrastructure.

Why existing Gladstone customers should switch to hosting

  • Implementation of Gladstone Products becomes far more straightforward with no lengthy lists of pre-requisites.
  • Removes the red tape that can be associated with allowing suppliers access to your in-house infrastructure for regular maintenance and support. 
  • Quicker support from Gladstone as there is no reliance on your IT teams to be available for remote access. 
  • Customers running in the hosted environment will always be on the latest version, as well as receiving patches and bug fixes first. 
  • 'Never pay for an upgrade' means you remove the cost of Gladstone Professional Service time for upgrades.  

I'd like to learn more about Hosting

The next generation of Gladstone consumer software (read the blog) has been built in the cloud and is delivered via SaaS.  The new modern architecture of GladstoneGo is not compatible with traditional on-premise databases, however on-premise databases can easily be migrated to a hosting environment.

Single Migration step overview slide

  • How often are you having to update your in-house infrastructure/hardware, storage capacity and back-up systems? Moving to the cloud takes away the headache caused by running on out-of-date systems and keeping them patched and up to date with the latest versions.
  • How secure is your current infrastructure? Consider how much it costs to keep your software and systems secure, particularly in a world where cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated. If your software and systems are approaching end of life, you need to bear in mind that they may no longer be supported with updates and patches essential to keeping them secure. Eg. the Gladstone database is SQL, if your on-premise SQL server is still running 2008 RC2 there are some very real problems, for a start its no-longer supported or patched by Microsoft, extended supported ended July 2019 – this opens your operation up to very severe security vulnerabilities, that goes for desktop operating systems too, there should be no Windows XP in your estate, anywhere! IT departments need to start planning for end of life of Windows 7 – extended security Yr 3 ends January 2023.
  • How much does it cost to run your systems on-premise? Your business will also be incurring costs for heating, air-conditioning, insurances and digital security too – all of which will be alleviated or removed by moving to the cloud.

Customers on the hosted platform are 75% less likely to call Support!

I'd like to learn more about Hosting