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Health Outcome Management

Demonstrate positive impact against your
health and intervention initiatives

A software application to measure and evidence outcomes of  intervention programmes. The health intervention software offers a complete solution service to cover the planning, scheduling, data recording and tracking for client medical conditions. The health software manages all of your important data and reduces the time and effort involved in the data collection process and in the measuring of outcomes.

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Intervention programme software is vital to keep track of data either via NHS schemes or private health care. It adds rigour to data collection process by ensuring that data is collected for the right people, for the right measures, at the right times. Our iMPACT health Software enables you to present robust data to Commissioning Bodies with confidence.
As an operator, you can analyse and demonstrate the performance of health and intervention programmes. It enables you to align your contractual deliverables, your expected course outcomes and monitor performance over time. The integrated portals enable you to share your data securely with funders, referrers and participants. 

The flexibility of the system ensures that whatever the programme intervention, the system can be configured appropriately.  

With scope to use in other areas such as; monitoring attendance in schools, workplace wellness programmes, together with community outreach or social programmes/activities where local authority funding is provided.  


The intervention solution is being used
by our clients to run:

  • NHS Health Checks
  • Smoking cessation programmes
  • Cardiac rehabilitation programmes
  • GP referral schemes
  • Stroke rehabilitation programmes
  • Schools health monitoring programmes
  • Adult and junior weight management programme

Online Programme Ups Exercise Referral by 25% 

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Remove the barriers in the referral process by enabling referrers to upload participant data. Speed up the process from referral to commencement of delivery by removal of secondary data input. 

Participants can be referred directly on the required course or into a triage process for further evaluation.  Keep your referrers informed of progress throughout their participant’s journey through the referrer portal, and allow automated communications to the referrer to keep them abreast of results.

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Plan to succeed by putting agreed outcomes at the heart of the course planning and evaluation. Make informed decisions based on course performance.

Use automated messaging to not only increase participant ownership and retention, but also to drive efficiencies and cost savings. SMS and email appointment reminders are sent automatically and maximise attendance. Use the ownership of data to share the responsibility of collecting data.  Data can be collected via mobile devices within the participant’s session time, or can be entered by the participant themselves through the participant portal. Operate efficiently in the field using our responsive designs with mobile technology.   

Our clients have shown that they can handle 25% more participants as a result of the efficiencies gained through the use of iMPACT.

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Publish the information that you want to share through secure login portals. Enable commissioners, referrers and participants to monitor, measure, report and feedback. Integrated presentation tools enable design of informative and evidence-based data analysis to review personalised statistics and outcomes. Empower your participants to track their performance online and complete questionnaires online. Share reporting and KPIs with funders to provide a transparent service. The UK based hosted platform offers peace of mind with security and data sensitivity.

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Maximise data accuracy with reminders on triggered data capture points. Ensure data is captured at baseline, completion and any other configured touch points.

Target individuals on goals and objectives based on individual performance.  Messages are sent to participants congratulating them on improved performance. Don’t just be satisfied with quantitative data though, use the feedback collection tool to collect case studies through stories, pictures or videos to reinforce your evidence.  iMPACT’s unique feedback loop enables you to collect case studies and tag them to the relevant course(s) and outcome(s).

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Technically Savvy

Your iMPACT solution will be accessed through our secure UK-based cloud, thereby removing your network from the security headache of handling sensitive data.

Ease and speed of data capture is critical to drive successful interventions.  Provide mobile capability to staff to capture questionnaire and attendance detail as, when and where their sessions happen.  With responsive technology being used throughout, iMPACT ensures that your staff have all the information they need at their fingertips.     

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“This solution adds rigour to our data collection process and gives us confidence in our ability to report back to commissioners."

Health - Gladstone and Impact - Everyone Health Case Study



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