Compliance peace of mind

Built with GDPR, Security and Regulation in Mind

Gladstone has worked to ensure that its products are GDPR-ready.  Platform releases after May 2018 together with the latest Gladstone360 'Threadneedle' release enables operators to manage their compliance.  Our releases ship with contact permissions and security settings set by default to manage member profiles with explicit consent, not assumed - as well as many other compliance time saving user features.  This helps our customers to streamline their data collection processes to adhere to the regulation simply. 

Continuous Data Compliance 

Maintaining good quality compliant data is an ongoing commitment and should be reviewed periodically. Our data team provides a range of services including bespoke queries for SQL and eyeQ, together with compliance reporting, which enable operators to maintain their compliance in line with their data management policies.  

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Backward Compatibility

Gladstone will continue general support for legacy products released before May 2018 (GDPR release) however, no new patches or bug fixes will be developed for legacy releases.  We advise customers to remain current to ensure their systems are secure and reliable. Due to the inter-relation of dependencies between the platform modules, pre-GDPR versions cannot be implemented in a mixed environment with releases after May 2018 (GDPR & Threadneedle releases).