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Your business is created and shaped by data, are you utilising this data effectively to maximise efficiency and streamline processes? 

Get started with our new data-driven management console which surfaces the right data points for every decision maker, cutting through the noise of everyday dashboards to deliver actionable insights that can steer strategy whilst improving revenue and retention.

The data services team are here to help, including creating automated bulk import/updates scripts freeing your staff so they can use this time elsewhere, data cleansing your database to remove historical data and support GDPR continued compliance.  As well as using the EyeQ reporting module to identify trends within your business and create automated financial extracts. We can also assist with resource utilisation and retention reporting.  Operators using the Hosting environment can now use 3rd party reporting tools such as Power BI and Tableau with the Universal Reporting Connector - learn more in our Blog.

  • Analyse customer demographics
  • Explore membership attrition & retention
  • Discover financial trends
  • Report on income & usage
  • Calculate attendance trends and patterns
  • Monitor subscription volumes against KPI’s
  • Make decisions around viability of classes & courses
  • Investigate utilisation of resources

Analyse your Income

Choose from a variety of financial and income reports for eyeQ. Training is available for in-house staff,  however if data science is not your skill, our data services guru's can create these reports for you.

Download Reporting Package datasheets

Product Income Analysis

  • Breakdown by Cost Centre
  • Department & Product
  • Profile by Day, Week, Month & Year

Sales Commission Report

  • Calculate commission for sales team
  • Breakdown by staff member
  • Ability to weight based on subscription type

Sales League Table

  • Ranking based on new subscription sales
  • Profile based on individual & site

Membership Yield

  • Membership income analysis
  • Profile by subscription product
  • Analyse monthly trending

Sales Commission Report

  • Calculate commission for sales team
  • Breakdown by staff member
  • Ability to weight based on subscription type

Debtors Report

  • Accurate debtor analysis
  • Analyse age of debt
  • Include member details for chasing debt

DD Collection/Rejection Analysis

  • Analysis of Direct Debit
  • Analysis based on sales & member status

Analyse Bookings and Site Usage

Choose from a range of pre-defined reports for eyeQ or take advantage of our data services guru's to remove the headache of complex data analysis.

Download Reporting Package datasheets

Usage Report
  • Accurate participation figures
  • Breakdown by activity
  • Profiling by subscription type
Classes & Course Utilisation
  • Analyse class popularity
  • Identify high and low class utilisation
Bookings Analysis
  • Analyse individual bookings with members
  • Previous and future bookings analysis
Space Utilisation
  • Utilisation of resource products
  • Profiling by site & area
  • Breakdown by hour of day and day of week
Booking Method Profiling
  • Identify popularity of booking system
  • Profile of method based on user ID
Attendance Profile
  • Accurate swipe attendance data
  • Profiling by entry point
  • Breakdown by hour of day and day of week
Member & Non-Member Attendances
  • Attendance profiling
  • Breakdown by member and non-member

Understanding Your Membership Base

Choose from a range of pre-defined reports for eyeQ or inquire with our data services guru's to create a bespoke solution for your needs.

Download Reporting Package datasheets

Current Members
  • Accurate membership figures
  • Breakdown by Subscription Type
  • Ability to include/exclude specific Subscription Types
Frequent Visitors
  • Based on combination of sales activity and swipe attendances
  • Analyse and reward most frequent visitors
  • Identify casual users for upgrades
Referral Program Analysis
  • Members upgrading from referral subscriptions
  • Percentage of conversions 
  • Accurate leaver counts over given periods
  • Breakdown by Subscription Type
  • Forecast of leavers over future periods
Non Visitors
  • Based on combination of sales activity and swipe attendances
  • Target non visitors for return
  • Identify Sleepers
Member Data Quality
  • Completeness of member records
  • Analysis of key contact information; Phone,Email, Mobile
  • Accurate joiner numbers
  • Breakdown by Subscription Type
  • Analyse success of promotions and source via User Fields
Member Demographics
  • Member breakdown by Age/Gender/User fields
  • Postcode or other address field profiling

New Data Services

Contact the data services team to request these bespoke services.

1. Stay Fit with GDPR Compliance

Since last May, the regulators have used the GDPR’s teeth to force firms to meet new standards relating to data protection, privacy and security.  One such company Bounty UK a pregnancy and parenting club, collected personal information for the purpose of membership registration through its website and mobile app, and has been fined £400,000. 

Its vital that operators continue to monitor all aspects of their GDPR compliance.  Our bespoke GDPR data services help operators to maintain their LMS database compliance.  As such, to ensure that all the contact records have the correct opt-in/out status together with regular data cleansing to identify sleepers and out of date records.  Our annual managed data cleansing service, charged pro-rata can deliver peace of mind.

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2. Overbooked Classes with Spaces still Available?

You’re running a class and it gets fully booked up. Anyone else that would like to join your class at this point will have to join your wait list. If due to unforeseen circumstances, 3 people drop out, new members cannot book the class as the waiting list is full! At this point you are stuck in the dilemma that a lot of our customers are experiencing; overbooked classes with available spaces.Book this service.

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3. Resolve the Nightmare of Overlapping Bookings

Empty spaces are not only inefficient but also annoy other members who notice available spaces in classes they were unable to book on to, this service will alleviate this issue.

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Data Console

Introducing the new Gladstone Data Console, a suite of five pre-formatted Excel worksheets which expose the business and operational drivers that can help you
make effective data driven decisions to improve efficiency, revenue and usage.  The Data Console takes the hassle out of reporting from eyeQ making it even easier to read metrics and datapoints to better manage your club.  

  • Simple view with clear parameters
  • Brings your KPIs into one central point
  • Understand your data at a glance
  • Allows you to take positive action and track results
  • Compare yourself to industry standards

Data Console Screen shot

Enquire about Data Console

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Talk to an Expert

"What we particularly liked about eyeQ was the ability it gave us to fully customise our reports and to build quite complicated, custom queries without being computer programmers."

Dave Thompson
Health and Safety and Estates Manager, Live Active Leisure

"We like how eyeQ integrates seamlessly with Excel pivot tables, enabling us to slice and dice the information according to our needs. And because Excel software is so universal and easy to use, the majority of people who need to see the data understand it."

Dave Thompson
Health and Safety and Estates Manager, Live Active Leisure