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Customer Retention

Create great customer experiences that enable your team to interact with customers at any point on their journey from prospect to membership to loyal fan and advocate.

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Go Mobile

The world is increasingly connected, consumers of all ages now check their mobile over 100 times a day.  Savvy operators are taking advantage, using MobilePro to connect with their customers, offer promotions and increase membership with social referrals 

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Turn your Customers into Loyal Fans

Do you know exactly what your customers think about your site? When do you know that the changes you put in place are to be celebrated? And what are the small annoyances that get under the skin of your customers? With Insight NPS get real-time customer feedback and improve customer retention statistics

Go Self-Service

Update your front of house with our new style Kiosks. Speed up the customer journey and re-deploy static staff as concierges. Connect with customers to handle queries and prospect new customers throughout the centre.

Watch this in action at ActiveNewham 

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Course Management 

Your customers love to improve their sports skills, whether it's a tennis course or swim academy programme.  Find out more about GoLearn

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Let Isobel find your Club

With a combination online joining and class booking help your customers to find your club.  Create a smooth customer experience when it comes to making payments with GladstonePay.

Go Cashless

Our cashless system allows your customers to top up their account at home, on the move or in centre and call off funds in your centre when and as they need them. At the touch of a few buttons, consumers can add money to a pot which they’ll be able to use to pay for products, services and activities.

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Loyalty Points

Encourage your customers to become true fans of your centre by awarding loyalty points for buying products, services or activities.   

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