Cashless a New Way to Pay

Our cashless system allows your customers to top up their account at home,  on the move or in centre and call off funds in your centre when and as they need them. At the touch of a few buttons, consumers can add money to a pot which they’ll be able to use to pay for products, services and activities.

Not sure about going totally cashless yet? You’re not alone. Our cashless capabilities allow you to take the first step and let your customers try without having to commit to a fully cash free environment.

Benefit for Operators

  • Cost savings can be achieved through slim lining the number of tills and staff at front of house
  • Increase secondary spend, with when linked to RFID solutions and POS. Learn more in this blog article.
  • Handling less actual money through your tills means that you don’t need to worry as much about the security of your centre.
  • Customer satisfaction is proven to rise; a smoother in centre experience means less queuing, less stress and far happier customers.
  • Increase your footfall; people who have paid into a cashless account are far more likely to show up and use the cash they have deposited.
  • Frees up staff to delight customers; having your reception staff interacting with customers is a compelling way to make best use of your most precious resource and helps your customers see that your staff are really listening and being proactive. 
  • Future proof your systems- pretty much everyone agrees that a totally cashless future is on the horizon- Gladstone’s cashless features allow you to dip your toe in the water and start getting your customers used to a new way of thinking.

Woman paying with smartphone by NFC-2
Member Benefits

  • Convenient and quick. Topping up your account from home gives the flexibility for customers to plan and manage their own funds carefully.
  • Improves in centre experience; lower queues and better customer experience all round mean that customers just get to where they are going more quickly. With self-service kiosks you could even eliminate queues at reception and watch your customers have the smooth journey they deserve.
  • Improves security. No need to carry cash or card and no more lost purses behind the front desk- with a cashless account, customers can simply turn up and leave their bank cards at home.

One of our centres reduced average customer time spent in reception from 1 minute to just 16 seconds by using kiosks and cashless accounts.


  • Create and top up account at home, at reception, or at a self-service kiosk
  • Use account funds for activities, products and services
  • Increased revenues through cashless top ups
  • Give your customers the ability to pay with complete flexibility. Cashless payments can be combined with other payment methods such as card, cash or even loyalty points.
  • Cashless accounts is now supported in Plus2, Gladstone360, Kiosks, Mobile Pro and Connect, and Member Web Service.


  • Cashless functionality is integrated into the Threadneedle release, additional fees may apply.
  • The Cashless functionality works with Online Bookings, Join at Online, Gladstone360, MobilePro and is supported with our suite of APIs for bespoke development and 3rd party integration. 
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